MOSAIC EVENT = Public event for the general community of Mosaic. (ex. SHE Night Out, Men\'s Bible Study, Worship Night, etc.)

PRIVATE MOSAIC EVENT = Private meeting or building use by a Mosaic Team (ex. youth leader meeting, mini kids training event, etc.)

BUILDING RENTAL = Use of the building for an event or project not associated with Mosaic Pomona

In 2-3 sentences, please give us a brief description of your event. Who is the event for? What will take place? Who is invited? Please include a contact person and email for the event as well.
Please select all that apply. Note: The Glasshouse requires a rental fee, and may not be available.
(if not at a Mosaic Pomona location). Please give address and description of location. Example: The Smith\'s Home, 1234 Mosaic Avenue, Pomona, CA 91766
PLEASE NOTE: You and your team are responsible for all setup. We do not have a staff member responsible for event setup and teardown.
Please list all equipment needed from Mosaic Pomona and number needed (tables, chairs, sound needs, kitchen equipment, etc). Please note that this does not guarantee you will be able to use this equipment, or that we have it available. You will also be responsible for setup and teardown of all equipment.
Not all events will be funded by Mosaic Pomona. If it fits within your ministry\'s budget or the overall vision and mission of Mosaic Pomona, it will be reviewed for approval. If no budget is being requested, put 0 in the budget line. Please check in with your ministry leader for budget requests.
If requesting a budget, please list the items below. (Example: cups, plates, appetizers, etc.)