The world is full of opportunities to love and care for one another. Whether you’ve encountered a big crisis or just need a moment of support, the Mosaic Pomona Care Team is there for you. The Care Team’s focus is the happiness, security and well-being of those in the community.

Love and care manifests itself in different ways, all of which are necessary and useful. If it is the hub of a wheel, its spokes point outwards according to the needs of the beloved. There are at many forms that this takes.

CELEBRATION |  is love and care affirming the lives and achievements of others

HELPING | is love and care lifting burdens for others

CAREFRONTATION | is love and care standing against destructive behaviors

HUMOR | is love and care uplifting and reframing in mirthful lightness

RESPECT | is love and care understanding the views of others

ATTENTIVE LISTENING | is love and care focused on the other’s narrative without distraction or interruption

COMPASSION | is love and care aware of suffering and responding to it with depth

CREATIVITY | is love and care opening up resources for others

We are available for:

  • Prayer
  • Health and wellness visits
  • Crisis support
  • Pastoral Care
  • Providing meals and other resources (after major life events)

Fill out this form to contact the CARE Team for a need:

Please let us know how we can support you with as much detail as possible. If this is an emergency, please call 911.

You will be contacted by a member of the care team within the next 24 hours. Thank you.